Initiatives – Bolivia
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Initiatives – Bolivia

Environment: Sustainable Growth and Support of Local Communities

The Company is committed to the protection of the environment and dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of its personnel and of the people who reside in the local communities affected by Colombia Crest Gold's operations. To this end, the Company has adopted and adheres to the following environmental, health and safety principles:

To continuously employ in its activities and products, environment advancements that reduce pollution, environmental, health and safety risks while adhering to applicable environmental, health and safety laws and legislation.

To prioritize the development of more efficient, safer and pollution minimizing technology and adopt technology that improves its processes, products and the services of its suppliers and contractors so as to maximize environmental protection.

To train, educate and motivate employees and contractors to execute their tasks and duties in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

To foster a healthy and safe working environment, in which maintenance and support of this environment is the responsibility of all employees and consultants in accordance with their functions and activities.

To establish environmental, health and safety objectives and goals, to take care that they are periodically reviewed and improved and to work with interested parties and the general public to establish these goals.

To make recommendations to our suppliers and contractors in the management of environmental, health and safety policies and to consider the expectations of interested parties, such as clients, employees, shareholders and the community.

To build and operate facilities according to applicable international standards for environmental compliance.

Project Specifics

The Company’s contractor uses only biodegradable additives such as mud and polymers for diamond drilling.

When we operated our 150-tonne per day gold recovery plant in Bolivia, we used only two flotation reagents, both of which quickly broke down in the tailing pond. The plant did not use either mercury amalgamation or cyanidation.

The Doña Amelia gold mineralization is highly oxidized and both the ore and the plant tailing contain virtually no sulfides. The tailing therefore has no potential to become acid generating.

Community: Sustained Development

Colombia Crest Gold has a long standing commitment of being a partner in the San Simón community. In addition to providing employment to over 100 local residents, the Company also strives to have a meaningful impact on the community.

During the 15 years of the Company's operations at the San Simón project, Colombia Crest Gold management has always been well received by its neighbours. The Company's community relations programs are under the direction of Dr. Jorge Forgues, who has developed a strong relationship with the local community and all levels of the government.

Over the years, Colombia Crest Gold has carried out a series of initiatives to demonstrate its commitment to the community. The Company has built the San Simón school and teacher accommodations and donated computers and school supplies to all three local area schools. Colombia Crest Gold subsidizes the San Simón teachers' salaries to ensure quality teachers are available to provide quality education. The Company also sponsors the annual soccer tournament which is the sporting highlight of the region.

Colombia Crest Gold donates medicine and equipment to both the local hospital and dental clinic 35 km from the San Simón plateau. In emergency cases, the Company provides free air evacuations to Santa Cruz, where comprehensive medical care is available. Colombia Crest Gold's camp doctor provides free medical examinations and medicine to San Simón residents - as well as educating families in health and hygiene to prevent disease. To help combat the critical malaria problem, the Company has donated a fumigation system to eliminate disease-borne mosquitoes.

The Company has worked closely with the local authorities to improve the safety and security of the region. The Company has worked with the Bolivian Navy Base (located 35 km from the site) to improve its landing strip and provide equipment.

Colombia Crest Gold is an exploration company with an abiding commitment to the health and well-being of its neighbours, a belief in sustainable growth and a pledge to support local communities in every aspect of daily life.