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Birch Gold Group Gold IRA Review

A comfortable retirement is one of the things to which we look forward. We all deserve a retirement that’s free of worries.

One of the best ways to guarantee that you get that well-earned annuity is through an Investment Retirement Account (IRA). An IRA is a tool that allows you to invest a percentage of your earnings pre-taxes so your money can accumulate interest and provide you with funds for your retirement.

Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds are traditional investments covered by an IRA. However, many people are unaware of the Gold IRA that Birch Gold Group provides. Instead of bonds, stocks, or paper assets, this investment comes in the form of gold bars or bullion coins. It may also involve investing in platinum, silver, palladium, or other precious metals.

Company Background and History

Established in 2013, Birch Gold Group is one of the most highly esteemed treasured-metals investment companies. Based in California, the company assists people in diversifying their savings through different precious metals.

The leaders of the in-house Individual Retirement Account Department of Birch Gold Group are experts with proven experience in precious-metals commerce.

Over the years, the company has continuously improved its operations and its customer service. Because of this, thousands of U.S. citizens invested in precious metals with the Birch Gold Group.

The Birch Gold Group can assist you in transferring mutual funds, 401(k) plans, and other tax-deferred RAs to gold or silver IRAs. Through this transfer, you can possess actual silver and gold coins, bullions, and bars. Branching out your savings and putting your funds in gold or silver investments will keep you secured against the changing dollar amounts that rise and fall with the economy.

Birch Gold works with ex-wealth advisers, financial consultants, and futures commission merchants. You can consult these experienced professionals about how you can build a substantial portfolio of precious metals. The process won’t take long, but it will depend upon the number of investments you need to transfer.

IRA Products and Services

Birch Gold Group offers the typical services that you can find in other firms. The only difference is the way this group executes these services. If you go through reviews online, you’ll find that the company treats its customers better than some of its competitors do.

Here are the products and services of Birch Gold Group:

Various Precious-Metals Products

Aside from gold and silver, Birch Gold Group also provides palladium and platinum bullion bars and coins. The company has a wide variety of gold and silver bullion, but it limits its palladium and platinum bullions as do other precious-metals firms.

Generally, platinum is much less common than both silver and gold. It is so rare that you can fit all the platinum ever mined into a single room. Palladium is rarer than platinum, which makes it the most expensive of these popular precious metals. Unlike silver and gold, which derive their value from commercial usage, platinum and palladium gain their value from industrial usage.

Precious Metals IRA Storage

One of the most important aspects of investing in precious metals is choosing a secure storage facility. Birch Gold uses Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services to keep your investments safe.

About Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository’s crew prides itself on two centuries of combined experiences in the industry. Delaware Depository has two state-of-the-art facilities, located in Wilmington, DE, and in Seal Beach, CA.

The company offers an extensive insurance policy that provides an across-the-board, billion-dollar insurance coverage of the tangible assets that it keeps. It also flaunts a $100,000 inland transit insurance for each package, which means that Birch Gold Group covers your precious metals while they transfer to and from their facilities.

Delaware Depository doesn’t count the precious metals on its own balance sheet. The company simply stores them in its high-security vaults—and you have all the ownership.

About Brink’s Global Services

Brink’s Global Services is a leading company that provides secure logistics services worldwide. Most of Brink’s Global Services’ clients are jewelers, banks, and government institutions. The company has more than a thousand high-security facilities across the globe. Since it has so many facilities, it provides short delivery times for your valuables.

The company has a total financial obligation to your assets—maintaining more than a billion dollars worth of insurance coverage per vault. Brink’s also boasts of an integrated local transportation system by using a top-notch integrated software.

Diverse IRA Services

When you take advantage of a self-directed IRA, you have better control of your investment decisions. It can be a daunting task, but Birch Gold Group can help you get a running start.

Birch Gold can assist you if you want to roll over your 401K to your Precious Metals IRA. The company has IRS-approved partner organizations that can lend you their expertise.

Aside from precious metals, the Birch Gold Group allows you to invest in the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Real estate
  • Businesses
  • Debt

You always have the option to diversify your investments, which can be a smart strategy because you won’t be relying heavily on a single type of investment. This diversity helps you reduce the risk of total financial losses.

Birch Gold Fees

Here are the details of the one-time fees and annual fees that you need to pay to start your precious-metals investment:

One-Time Fees

  • Account Set-Up Fee – $50
  • Wire Transfer Fee – $30
  • Transaction Fee – $40

Annual Fees

  • Storage/Insurance Fee – $100
  • Management Fees – $75

Note that the fees for the initial account set-up vary and will depend on your IRA custodian and the depository that will store your precious metals.

Birch Gold Group often comes up with promotions of which you can take advantage. As an example, Birch Gold clients can get up to $10,000 worth of precious metals for free through a promotion that’s applicable for bulk orders.

Birch Gold Group Features

Investing in precious metals is a big move. You need to make sure that you have the right company as your partner. Here are some of the features of the Birch Gold Group and why you ought to consider it for your next investment.

User-Friendly Website

One of the first things that a good investment company should have is a user-friendly website. Birch Gold Group’s website is easy to navigate. It is also accessible whether you’re using a personal computer or a mobile device.

The company website overflows with information about its vast array of services. The data is easy to understand even for those who are new to Gold IRAs.

The company also publishes interesting articles that can provide you with additional knowledge about precious metals IRAs.

Free Info Kit

Prospective clients can get a free 2020 Information Kit from Birch Gold’s website. This no-obligation 20-page kit contains all the information that you may need if you’re planning to diversify your savings.

Interactive Price Chart

The interactive price chart is a section of Birch Gold’s website from which both veteran and new investors can benefit. This chart gives investors a glimpse of the performance of the various precious metals that Birch Gold Group offers. It is an easy-to-read chart that even new investors will be able to understand.

Flexible Services

Birch Gold’s trusted partners and expert representatives are readily available to assist clients. They can help guide you through the initial phase of setting up your account. They can also help you transfer investments from an existing, eligible account. It takes roughly 20 minutes to set up a new account completely.

Birch Gold Group also provides a host of other investment services, as well as flexible payment methods that you can use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Birch Gold Group a legitimate company?

Birch Gold Group is a legitimate company, receiving positive reviews on various platforms. It has an AAA rating on BCA. It earned a 5-star review on Trustpilot and 4.8-star review on ConsumerAffairs. Google Business gave Birch Gold Group a 4.9-star review.

Is it possible to keep precious metals that I bought from the Birch Gold Group in my home?

No, you can’t store the golds, silvers, and other valuable metals in your home. Generally, precious metals bought from an IRA firm should be under the custody of an IRS-certified trustee. You could store golds, silvers, platinum, and palladium in your home if you purchased them outside an IRA firm. However, keeping precious metals at home is not a good idea since it may put your safety at risk.

How safe are precious physical metals stored in IRAs?

Birch Gold Group has trustworthy custodians that ensure the safety of your precious metals. The Delaware Depository is one of the largest precious-metals depositories. Brink’s, on the other hand, is the world’s largest non-bank, non-government storage facility of precious metals.

Is there a minimum required investment for precious-metals IRA in Birch Gold Group?

Yes, you must invest a minimum of $10,000 in an IRA. However, you may invest a minimum of $5,000 if you make a non-IRA investment.

Final Thoughts

When we hear the term Investment Retirement Account, we often think of bonds and stocks. A Gold IRA is a new concept for most of us. However, this is a viable investment option that bears looking into.

Birch Gold Group is one of the most reputable Gold IRA companies. It carries excellent ratings from the BCA, BBB, and TrustLink and boasts expert representatives who can help manage your investment. Birch Gold Group’s services are top-notch, yet its rates are reasonable.

If you are interested in Gold IRAs but still have reservations, the Gold Birch Group might be the investment partner you are seeking.

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