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Gold IRA Company Reviews


Goldco Precious Metals

  • Best Overall Precious Metals Company
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Low Yearly Fees
  • Easy IRA & 401K Rollovers
  • Numerous Outstanding Reviews
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Chuck Norris Endorsed
  • $10,000 Free Silver W/Qualifying Purchase

Birch Gold Group

  • One of the nations largest /most trusted
  • Well over 20 years in business
  • In house specialist focused on client
  • No 1st year fees on transfers over $50,000
  • Multitude of Highly rated reviews
  • BBB A+ Rating
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Regal Assets

  • Very impressive reputation
  • Flat Fee Transactions
  • Lowest Segregated storage fees
  • A+ Rating With BBB
  • Annual Fee Waived First Year
  • AAA Rating on The BCA
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Augusta Precious Metals

  • Assigns Customer Success Agent 
  • Cost and Transparent Fee Structure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Trust Link Highest Honor
  • Family Owned since 2012
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Joe Montana Endorsed

About Colombia Crest Gold

Many Americans are concerned about finding ways to protect their wealth and retirement funds in today’s uncertain economic times. If you are one of the many retirees or investors that are looking for information about guarding your current financial assets, then you’re in the right place. At Colombia Crest Gold, we believe in the power of precious metals. We believe that investing in Gold and other physical precious metals allows you to follow in the investment footsteps of World Banks, Governments, and the ultra-wealthy.

We launched this website to bring attention to, and share our opinion about, one of the safest and most efficient ways to invest in precious metals as an American, the Gold IRA Rollover. This entire Gold IRA Company Reviews website is dedicated to information on who is the best company to buy Gold from or how to open a Gold IRA Account.

We checked out over 20 of the most well-known Gold IRA companies (Gold IRA Custodians) to find the top 11. We researched their websites, reviews, ratings, gold kits, and much more to produce this Top 11 Best Gold IRA Companies in 2021 Gold list for you.

Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision about whether or not a Gold IRA Rollover is the best way to invest in Gold and other precious metals for you.

How do I start investing in gold?

Gold IRA Rollover

Many people know about IRAs and 401ks, and many people put money in them each month for retirement. But did you know that you can have precious metals in an IRA or that you can rollover your 401k into a precious metals IRA? The internal revenue code allows for a self-directed IRA. Among the additional investments permitted in a self-directed IRA are certain precious metals. Section 408M3 of the internal revenue code contains the regulations that pertain to investing in precious metals. When a retirement account invests in precious metals, those precious metals have usually been held by a third-party custodian. However, based on the wording and section 408M as well as IRS field service advice memorandum 2012801, there are a limited number of self-directed retirement vehicles that allow for personally holding precious metals.

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Self Directed IRA

So how is this done? Investing in precious metals through a self-directed IRA? It would be best if you first established a valid IRA. Your company will provide you with an application kit and all the required forms and then send those completed forms to the directed trust company. Then your trust company will set up your precious metals and IRA. Step two, select your IRA plan; the company you choose should offer two different options for storing your precious metals. You can create a local storage plan, which allows the precious metals to be sent directly to you with you acting in the capacity of the manager of the IRA. And then you, the IRA manager, may choose where to store the metals. The second option is to keep the precious metals in a national depository. Your gold investment company works with the most depository service companies and will help you establish your account with them.

National Storage

If you choose that option, a national storage plan means the precious metals will be sent directly to the DDSC facility rather than being shipped to you. It would be best if you made contributions, transfers, and or rollovers from existing retirement plans. A minimum investment of $5,000 is required when starting a new precious metals IRA and $10,000 for IRA transfers and 401k rollovers. Step four, consult your precious metals; your gold investment company will facilitate your purchase of precious metals and be your designated precious metals dealer. Your investment companies managing brokers will educate you on the proper investment products and provide the necessary advice for choosing IRA allowable precious metals. When purchasing precious metals through an IRA, there are restrictions on what metals are allowed in your IRA. Certain coins are allowed well; others are excluded. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all allowable metals, but each one has a minimum fineness requirement for precious metals.

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Choosing Precious Metals Investment

The Gold IRA investment company you choose will provide you with the necessary information on which products are eligible for your precious metals. IRA. Step five, for your precious metals, once you’ve chosen which precious metals you want to invest in, the directed trust company will send the necessary funding to one of the following. Either you, if you chose the local storage plan or to store with your investment firm if you choose the national storage plan steps, X precious metals are now part of your IRA, your precious metals are now available for pickup or shipment to you. If you choose the local storage plan or will be shipped directly to the DDC national storage facility if the national storage plan was selected, it’s that easy. Naturally, you’ll want to consult your tax or legal experts to answer any detailed questions you may have. In the meantime, contact your Gold IRA investment company to arrange an appointment for additional information and to get your questions answered.

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Gold?

Precious metals like Gold and Silver have been coveted by humankind for thousands of years. These metals have been used over the centuries as a means of trading for goods and services. And also for the preservation of wealth. Gold is one of the oldest known forms of currency ever used. And there have been coins discovered that date back as far as 800 BC. Because the inherent value that holds Gold was previously utilized by governments and central banks worldwide to maintain investor confidence in paper money, this was known as the gold standard, and it allowed those who held paper money to convert it to Gold easily, and for a fixed price.

The gold standard was abandoned in 1933, and nowadays, we have a fiat paper currency, which is issued by central banks and national banks. When paper money loses its value, whether as a result of inflation, stock market crashes, or recession, investors will harness the power of precious metals to protect their assets from the downturn in the economy; when this happens, it pushes the value of precious metals, Gold in particular, higher when the economy starts to tank.

Is now a good time to invest in Gold? Many market analysts seem to think that it is. And given the fact that Gold has consistently produced excellent for terms, especially over the last few years, it is hard to disagree with them. Currently, an ounce of Gold cost $1,735. So it begs the question, would now be the time to make an investment in Gold? The answer would be definitely yes; the price of Gold is dropping at the moment.

So now is the time to buy and get more bang for your buck. Gold has performed exceptionally well over the past few years, and it is genuinely an excellent asset to invest in. And it is widely expected that its performance will begin to pick up very soon. In recent times, there has been much uncertainty around the global economy, and many factors have contributed to this, from the ongoing trade war between the USA and China to unrest in the Middle East and new governments being elected around the globe and not to mention the pandemic. To try and mitigate the results of this uncertainty, central banks have been setting interest rates at record lows.

This has prompted a gold rush amongst investors. If this drop in interest rates continues, then many people will begin to realize just how important it is to invest in Gold as a part of a balanced portfolio.

The bullish outlook does suggest that there is an excellent potential for high returns in the near future. Given that the price of Gold reached an all-time record high of $2067 per ounce in August 2020, one could ask the question, when is the best time to buy? The CEO of the Singapore Bullion Market Association, Albert Chung, has a different outlook. He thinks the question should be how much, rather than when? There is no good time to buy Gold said, Chung. Every investor should have Gold in their portfolio. As a general rule, financial advisors would recommend that gold assets should make up 1% to 5% of an individual’s portfolio. Chung is of the opinion that this could go even higher, rising from 5% to 15%.

The truth is that most people who hold Gold and their portfolio only hold a small proportion. But if they were to increase that amount by even as little as 1% or 2%, it could have a significant bearing on their outlook.

Ways To Invest In Gold

There are three main avenues available for those considering adding gold investment to their portfolio: you can choose to either purchase the physical asset. You could buy shares in a gold mutual or exchange-traded fund in ETF, or the other option would be to trade futures and options on the commodities market. I’m not going to speak much about ETFs or trade futures in this article because it is not my preferred method of Gold investing. In addition to these ways of investing in Gold, you can also invest in Gold-backed individual retirement accounts, gold IRAs

Purchasing the physical asset.

For those investors who are just starting out and are looking to make precious metals purchases, the safest, simplest, and fastest method are to buy gold bullion coins. There are a number of reasons for this. The chief reason being that coins are easily available, they’re easy to store and transport, and you can liquidate them quickly no matter where you might be in the world. Here are some of my favorite gold coins.

Buying Gold Bars

When you decide you want to add a little diversification to your precious metals holdings from just holding coins, you should give real consideration to buying gold bars. There is a wide range of gold bars available, both in terms of manufacturer and weights, which range from one gram wafers through to one ounce, 10 ounces, 500 gram, one kilogram, and up to 400 ounce bars.

Gold bars, the same as gold coins, are extremely liquid and can be converted into cash at the drop of a hat to preserve one’s wealth. There was no better option than investing in gold bars. As well as this, it is the best method that you can use to pass on your assets and wealth to your heirs. Gold will last far longer than any form of money which might be used in the future.

Buying gold bars also gets you more ounces of Gold for your money than you would get. Suppose you spent the same amount of money on coins. This is because a smaller premium is charged on the Gold bar than there is on a gold coin.

The premium is lower on gold bars, as they cost less to produce than coins. Coins have detailed designs on them. Bars have a simple stamp. So the labor and machining costs are lower. It is also easier to store gold bars than it is coins.

A 10-ounce full bar takes up less space than a 10-ounce coin, and it was for this reason that gold bars were originally produced. Bullion bars provide the investor with all the main advantages of precious metals.

They are easy to transport, and they are private. They’re also highly liquid and will never degrade. And that is why I like gold bars and the advantages that the yellow metal brings.

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There are many sites online where you can choose to purchase gold bars, but a lot of them are scammy Gold IRA Investment companies. So to save you the hassle of dealing with one of these bad companies, I have included a link to our number one recommended gold investment firm. The number one company that I would recommend getting in touch with for bullion coins and bars is Goldco. Should you decide that investing in gold coins or bars is the right mode of wealth generation for you? Then you will be comforted to know that you can safely entrust your financial future with Goldco.

It’s comforting to know that Goldco takes care of their customers and that you and your money will be in safe hands. Goldco has provided outstanding customer service to its clients, and it has earned them high ratings with Trustpilot and the BBB. They have great testimonials online that had been verified by a trust pilot staff. By validating all the emails and speaking to the clients personally on the phone, they have determined that they are reliable.

Gold IRA & Why You Should Invest

It is possible that you might’ve heard your friends or colleagues talking about getting a 401k rollover or a gold rate, but do you know why they are doing this?

Well, you’re about to find out as I’m going to explain all of the facts that you need to know about the gold IRAs.

When you stop and think about it for a moment, it is pretty outlandish that a sheet of green paper, the dollar,  holds so much value, just because we’ve decided as a society that it this currency. The truth of it is that the money we use basically is worthless paper on its own. If we didn’t assign a value to it, it wouldn’t be worth anything. Because of this, every time you go to the store, or whenever you spend money, we are doing this and hope that the person we want to buy something from recognizes that the amount of money being offered for payment isn’t enough for the good or service we wish to purchase.

It is madness?

You also need to consider that the effect the economic calamities can have upon the value of money. How is money affected by inflation? Or a crash in the markets? In times like these, you realize that money and investments like mutual funds or bonds can be affected by events, which you have zero control over.

Events like these push value of the dollar lower. And in the very worst-case scenario, we buy five that extended depreciation of currency could lead to people being left with stacks of paper for which they have no actual use.

Gold IRA/401(K) Rollover

A gold IRA, 401k rollover is self-explanatory. The name alone gives it away. It is simply the process of rolling over the value of assets from a standard Fiat currency type, an IRA account, to a gold-backed IRA or precious metals backed IRA.

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Wealth Preservation

If you had a gold bar or coin that was produced hundreds or thousands of years ago, and you liquidated it, it would still be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to date in order to preserve your wealth and protect your family’s future. There isn’t really a better option than making a gold investment. Gold will always be in demand. And the demand for Gold is higher than what is being produced, and predicted that we would see great increases in the price and value of Gold for many years and decades into the future.

Diversifying your portfolio

A diverse portfolio is a healthy investment portfolio. As an investor, you can invest in gold bullion bars but also invest in IRS-approved points for your IRA account. If you have mainly been making investments in standard paper-based assets, it would be highly advantageous to blend that with the reliability of investing in gold assets. Gold is not the only precious metal. Reputable firms will also offer silver, platinum, palladium, and cryptocurrencies for clients to invest in.


Investment-grade bullion can be easily sold or traded and will always be in demand. Many gold investment companies offer a buyback program for customers that will enable them to sell their precious metal investment back to them at a reasonable price.


Gold’s worth is basically immune to economic influences and is protected against hyperinflation. The value of Gold can never and will never be zero. It is entirely unaffected by market trends and fluctuations in currencies. To put it simply, Gold is the safest investment that you can make. Particularly in such times as we find ourselves in right now.

Gold Vs. The Dollar

Once upon a time, the US Dollar and the value of Gold and silver were tied together. That was until the gold standard was abandoned, and that made the dollar an actual Fiat currency. The dollar is no longer tied to Gold as it has zero effect on the US gold reserves, and consequently, the US gold reserves have zero impact on the value of the dollar. This means that the value of the dollar will fluctuate, and often it will go from one extreme to the other. Many economists have identified that the relationship between the values of Gold and the dollar is inverse. When the value of the dollar decreases, the price of gold rises and vice versa.

Will my savings be safe with a gold company?

This will depend on what IRA firm that you decide to invest with. You must choose a good company with an excellent track record.

Tax Benefits

When changing the Gold to paper money, you were required to pay income tax. However, with a gold IRA, you have certain facilities which prevent you from paying a higher tax amount than you usually would.
With a Gold IRA, you won’t have to worry about the effects of inflation or economic downturns on your gold investment. Gold investment nerds recommended the company for a gold IRA.

Our number one recommended goal IRA company is Goldco investments. The firm is one of the leading names in the bullion industry. Goldco has been supplying a reasonably priced gold IRA rollover service to thousands of clients for a number of years.

Open Up A Qualifying Gold IRA Today & Receive Up To $10,000 In Free Silver – FREE Gold IRA Guide

This Gold IRA Company has a large pool of old IRA experts, as well as financial specialists who assist their clients with setting up gold IRA investment. They strive to simplify the process as much as possible and will make it stress-free. I have included a link below to the official Goldco investments website, where you can request free gold investment kits. I highly recommend this, or you can arrange to chat with one of the company’s many Gold IRA experts completely free of charge.

So once again, the link below for Goldco. When it comes to purchasing bullion coins or bars, my number one recommended company, Goldco, positively meets all of the expectations that a Bullion company should provide. It has been a prominent name in the industry for so long now and has always maintained an excellent track record with lots of praising and customer testimonials. The company’s gold prices are excellent, and its shipping and processing times are also excellent.

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