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gold bars in the vault of a bullion exchange

Bullion Exchanges Review: Explore Options for Buying Gold

Many people are curious about the best ways to invest their money in today’s challenging economy. Purchasing precious metals – like gold – represents a tempting option for many investors.

Bullion Exchanges serves as one of your options to buy gold and silver. The company also sells other precious metals like platinum and palladium. You can learn about the company, its reputation, and pros and cons of buying gold through Bullion Exchanges reviews, like this one by the experts at Learn About Gold.

Our team at Learn About Gold strives to help you make the best investing decisions. Get the answers you’re looking for here, or take our gold IRA assessment to review more of your options

Bullion Exchanges Review: The Basics

We focus on the details in our Bullion Exchanges review. Our team believes that providing you with in-depth information can help you make decisions you feel confident about with your investments.

What Does Bullion Exchanges Do?

Bullion Exchanges serves as a very large precious metal retailer, primarily operating in the United States. The company sells many different metals, including:

  •       Gold
  •       Silver
  •       Platinum
  •       Palladium

Bullion Exchanges has two decades of experience sourcing and selling precious metals, lending a sense of continuity in the industry and allowing the company to stand out from the competition.

Bullion Exchanges’ Reputation

Bullion Exchanges has a solid reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB gave Bullion Exchanges an A+ rating after reviewing the company’s business practices, methods for handling customer complaints, and adherence to regulations issued by the U.S. government.

We also found positive customer reviews on the Bullion Exchanges website, with many customers focusing on the company’s service, efficiency, and reasonable prices. However, there were some poor reviews to consider before you make a purchase.

You have many options to choose from if you want to purchase precious metals as an investment in the U.S. Therefore, we recommend closely considering all the pros and cons of a dealer before making any purchase.

Benefits for Investors Who Work with Bullion Exchanges

You can go over the benefits of ordering your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium from Bullion Exchanges right now.

Free Delivery Options

Do you want to save some money on your order of precious metals? Bullion Exchanges provides free shipping to all customers with orders over $75. In addition to offering free shipping, the company tracks all orders, so you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Bullion Exchanges also uses discreet packaging to ship your order. The company understands that you do not want to broadcast the fact that you are receiving precious metals through the mail.

A Reward Program for Repeat Customers

Bullion Exchanges rewards customer loyalty with a reward program. The reward program allows you to earn Bullionaire Bucks. You earn these Bucks as you purchase bullion and for other activities on the Bullion Exchanges website. For example, you get 500 Bucks for setting up your account.

Once you earn enough Bullionaire Bucks, you can exchange them to earn discounts on the price of your future purchases.

A Guarantee of Authenticity

Authenticity matters when you invest in precious metals. You don’t want to find out after your purchase that your gold is full of other metals or contaminants.

Bullion Exchanges provides certificates of authenticity with your orders and includes information on the website for each item you may want to order.

Option to Visit a Retail Store

Some investors feel uncomfortable placing large orders over the internet. If you prefer a face-to-face transaction, you can visit Bullion Exchanges’s physical store in the heart of New York. This option makes many investors feel more confident.

Possible Downsides of Shopping with Bullion Exchanges

gold bars in the vault of a bullion exchange

Every company has some potential downsides. Therefore, an honest Bullion Exchanges review wouldn’t be complete without assessing some weaker aspects of the company’s service.

Occasional Damage to Items

Some customer reviews state that the investor received damaged items. We’ve also seen reports that customers did not receive a complete refund after returning a damaged item or collectible box.

Issues with Price Fixing

Though Bullion Exchanges does not admit to any form of price-fixing, customers have noticed that the company sometimes cancels orders if the price changes between the time they make a payment and the time the item ships.

Additional Issues with Selling or Buying Items

Finally, we’ve seen reports of Bullion Exchanges leaving items for sale on their website when they are, in fact, out of stock. However, the company generally explains these issues as website errors.

Individuals who have sold precious metals to Bullion Exchanges have also reported that they did not receive appropriate payment in some cases. Keep all of these factors in mind before you decide to use the website.

How to Place an Order on Bullion Exchanges

Are you interested in turning to Bullion Exchanges to purchase gold or other precious metals? First, you can visit the website to sign up for an account. Once you have your account, you can review items that fit your current goals.

We recommend that you review items for sale on Bullion Exchanges and other similar websites before you decide. Then, select the options that provide you with the best overall price from a reputable retailer.

If you decide to purchase from Bullion Exchanges, place the items in your cart and proceed to check out. We recommend that you use a credit card for your purchases. Credit card companies provide you with more protection if something goes wrong with your order.

Bullion Exchanges FAQ

Get answers to more of your questions with this Bullion Exchanges review. Our team aims to help you make an informed decision about your investment options.

Does Bullion Exchanges Purchase Precious Metals?

Yes, Bullion Exchanges purchases a wide range of items, including:

  •       Bullion
  •       Scrap metal
  •       Some jewelry

For example, you could sell watches or diamond jewelry to Bullion Exchanges. The company provides free appraisals for any items you want to sell, allowing you to quickly determine how much you could earn on your sale.

What Is Bullion Anyway?

The term bullion refers to pieces of gold or silver that are at least 99.5% pure. You may purchase bullion in either ingots or bars. Many central banks use bullion as a legal currency, and you can also buy it from merchants like Bullion Exchanges.

Why Should You Use Bullion as an Investment?

You have many different options when it comes to investing your money. Many people consider bullion a relatively safe investment because precious metals tend to hold their value even as the rest of the market fluctuates.

Generally, you aim to invest in a precious metal when the prices are low to sell your investment when the prices rise. You may also decide to invest in a gold IRA instead of purchasing bullion directly.

Where Can You Store Purchases from Bullion Exchanges?

We recommend storing any purchases of precious metals in a safe place. You could keep your investments either in your home, in a bank, or with a third-party agency. If you store your bullion at home, consider purchasing a safe to protect your investment.

Should You Order Gold or Silver on Bullion Exchanges?

People have different opinions about the best precious metal to purchase with their money. However, you’ll generally find that gold has less volatile prices and more liquidity in the market due to consistent demand for gold jewelry.

However, investors often find silver less expensive. If you make a purchase when the silver market goes down, you could end up turning a profit with your investments.

Additionally, some people prefer one metal to the other. You have a degree of personal choice in how you choose to invest for your future.

Is It Better to Order Coins or Bars on Bullion Exchanges?

The decision about whether to purchase bars or coins comes down to how much you want to invest. Individuals interested in investing large amounts often buy bars. However, if you have a smaller amount to invest, you could choose coins.

It’s also significantly easier to handle trades involving coins. Keep these factors in mind before you make any purchase on Bullion Exchanges.

Where Else Can You Buy Gold?

You don’t have to stick with Bullion Exchanges if you want to buy or sell precious metals. Other companies like the Gold Bullion Exchange, BullionVault, and Kitco Metals Incorporated offer you similar services.

We recommend that you check the prices for gold or silver on multiple exchanges before you place your order. Taking this step can help you get the best deal for your investment.

Consider Investment in a Gold IRA

ira letters on top of gold coins

You do not have to purchase physical gold to invest in this form of currency. Many investors instead turn to IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) to save their wealth for the future.

Traditional IRAs often focus on investing in stocks or bonds. However, you’ve been able to use gold as a security since 1997. After this date, many people started adding gold or other precious metals to their IRAs.

You can review Gold IRAs offered by companies like Advantage Gold, the American Hartford Group, APMEX, and more with Learn About Gold’s guide to choosing an IRA.

Our team can help you select a Gold IRA partner starting today.

Learn More About Bullion Exchanges Today

We hope this Bullion Exchanges review educated you about the company to give you key information to make investing decisions. Our team at Learn About Gold understands the pros and cons of different gold dealers around the country.

Allow us to help you learn about your options to invest wisely in your future. Contact us to get additional information.

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