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JM Bullion Review: Best Company for Your Gold Investment?

Considering high volatility in traditional retirement stock options, a gold IRA is a worthwhile substitute. However, finding the right company to partner with can be challenging. Companies like JM Bullion can assist you with starting a gold IRA.

In this JM Bullion review, we break down all the information necessary for your decision. You’ll learn about JM Bullion’s offerings and pricing and how to take advantage of its bullion investment services

JM Bullion: History, Reputation, Offerings, and Pricing

If you’re like most investors, you want to know if a company is trustworthy before partnering with it. Below, we provide a clear view of JM Bullion’s offerings, background, customer satisfaction, and fees to help you discern whether the company is right for you.

JM Bullion History and Reputation

A precious metals retailer in Dallas, TX, JM Bullion sells silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and copper. As one of the fastest-growing retailers and IRA partners, JM Bullion offers high-quality physical pieces instead of just giving you a confirmation paper.

Founded in Pennsylvania in 2011 with a two-person staff, JM Bullion now boasts a staff of nearly 100 and is growing steadily. In 2019, the company received recognition for being the United States’ fastest-growing precious metals company. Its annual revenue is currently over $650 million.

JM Bullion is known for being straightforward, flexible, and relatively affordable. The company receives especially high ratings for reliability and ease of purchase and partners with New Direction IRA to facilitate your precious metals IRA setup.

JM Bullion’s more than 1,700 customer reviews are primarily positive, with most issues involving shipping. In the JM Bullion reviews online, customers who filed a claim when their purchase did not arrive reported good customer service. Additionally, JM Bullion resolved many claims despite not being at fault.

What Does JM Bullion Offer?

JM Bullion partners with several private and government mints. The company offers the following physical bullion products:

  • Gold: American, Canadian, and European bullion coins and Credit Suisse gold bars make up a large portion of JM Bullion’s offerings.
  • Silver: The selection of silver bullion includes silver coins, bars, rounds, and small statues.
  • Palladium: American Eagle coins, palladium bars, and Suisse bars are available.
  • Platinum: British platinum coins, Somalian elephant coins, and other platinum offerings are a fine start to your IRA.
  • Copper: Copper rounds, pennies, and bullets are available for purchase.

In addition to the large bullion inventory, every JM Bullion customer receives free basic shipping on orders over $199. The company ships with USPS and UPS and requires a signature for orders over $1,000. When you use a rapid payment method, your order will ship within four days of your purchase.

If you’re looking to sell your precious metals, JM Bullion also offers buyback services. You can get an excellent quote on your bullion without ever talking to an expert. Minimum buyback price requirements start at $1,000.

JM Bullion Pricing

magnifying glass with gold bars and dollars

Investors must open an IRA account through JM Bullion’s partner, New Direction IRA. Separate fees apply.

JM Bullion’s pricing is affordable thanks to its direct purchasing structure. The pricing is around the industry average, with the asking price of gold sitting at $1,811.

Depending on your funding amount, you can buy several different gold coins, bars, and more from JM Bullion. For example, a 100 oz. gold bar could cost as little as $1,875.

JM Bullion’s low buying minimums make physical bullion accessible for investors no matter their budget. Purchases via credit and debit cards, PayPal, checks, and Bitcoin require a minimum investment of $100, while bank wire transfers require a minimum of $2,500.

Maximum purchase limits also apply, with $5,000 limits for card purchases and $10,000 through PayPal. JM Bullion accepts checks up to $50,000 and bank transfers up to $150,000. Bitcoin purchases max out at $250,000.

JM Bullion Storage Options

JM Bullion utilizes Transcontinental Depository Services Vaults to store your bullion. For effortless storage, you can request your bullion order’s delivery to your TDS Vaults account. TDS Vaults has locations worldwide, making it easy to store your bullion in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and more.

Advantages of Investing With JM Bullion

This JM Bullion review also touches on the advantages of opening an IRA for JM Bullion investment purchases. As a leading company, JM Bullion knows what benefits customers enjoy.

Military Discount

JM Bullion recognizes and supports U.S. military members with a discount typically exclusive to large-quantity orders. Military members receive an “as low as” pricing guarantee. Products listed with an “as low as” price become available to military members for that same price, regardless of the total purchase amount.

Active duty and discharged personnel are both eligible. Upon verification, you can send your military identification to JM Bullion to confirm the discount. Future orders will automatically receive the “as low as” discount.

No Commissions

JM Bullion purchases involve no hidden fees, special pricing, or unnecessary charges. The company bases the pricing on the live prices of gold and silver, so prices are not firm. The transparent pricing means you pay no commissions.

JM Bullion also offers discounts when you pay via specific methods. For example, bank wires and paper check payments come with a 4% discount.

Live Prices

JM Bullion features live prices for gold and silver on its website. Additionally, you can view the live asking price for palladium and platinum.

Because bullion prices are constantly fluctuating, you must lock in your price with JM Bullion. Upon entering checkout, your costs will remain the same for 10 minutes. You will be subject to new prices if you don’t complete the order within that time frame.

Setting Up Your Gold IRA With JM Bullion

gold egg with ira text with gold coins around

JM Bullion’s process to set up a gold IRA is very straightforward:

  • Open a JM Bullion account on the website. Enter your name, email address, password, and phone number.
  • Open a self-funded IRA with one of JM Bullion’s trusted custodians, such as New Direction IRA. Fill in the necessary information to complete your application.
  • Fund your IRA by wire transferring money to your custodian. They will notify you when your account funding is successful.
  • Visit the JM Bullion website to select your purchases.
  • Lock in your IRA bullion purchases by phone and complete the purchasing process.
  • Get your bullion pieces shipped directly to you or a TDS Vaults location of your choice for easy storage.

JM Bullion FAQs

How does JM Bullion ship my order?

JM Bullion ships your order an average of three days after your payment finalizes. Orders with base shipping methods ship via USPS or UPS and include insurance. You can upgrade shipping to faster options with an additional purchase.

Investors who don’t want to store bullion can take advantage of drop shipment services from JM Bullion’s partner vault storage company.

Does JM Bullion accept cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, JM Bullion does accept cryptocurrency as payment. You can pay with Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, but your purchase may not exceed $150,000. Paying with Bitcoin boosts your maximum payment amount to $250,000. JM Bullion requires phone confirmation to lock in your prices and pay via Bitcoin. You might check out online JM Bullion reviews to see how other investors have paid with cryptocurrency.

Does JM Bullion require sales tax for bullion?

JM Bullion does not require customers to pay sales tax. You’ll still need to stay in regulation with your state’s sales tax requirements for bullion purchases and report payments yourself. The state revenue department can give insight into these requirements.

Can I change my JM Bullion order after confirming?

If your order has mistakes, changing your order is not possible. JM Bullion requires customers to cancel their order entirely and place a new order with the correct changes. The changing prices of gold and silver mean you may pay more for your new order.


JM Bullion stands out as a worthy choice for those looking for a safer alternative to traditional retirement investing. You’ll avoid hidden fees, have access to additional storage, and receive the lowest pricing for top-quality bullion from the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

JM Bullion’s easy-to-use service, excellent partnerships, and affordable bullion selection will make opening your gold IRA easy. New and veteran investors alike can enjoy a straightforward IRA setup and bullion purchasing process. JM Bullion makes it easy to purchase precious metals.

Refer to our JM Bullion review as you consider all your options for opening a gold IRA. Contact Learn About Gold today to discuss opening a gold IRA or choosing gold for an investment plan.

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