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Goldco Gold IRA Review

If you’re looking to protect your retirement income, investing in a Gold Investment Retirement Account (IRA) can be ideal for you. A Gold IRA essentially works in the same way as a Traditional IRA. But instead of paper assets, a Gold IRA allows you to invest in physical gold and other authorized valuable metals like palladium, platinum, and silver.

If you’re looking for Gold IRAs, you may want to consider partnering with Goldco. Known as a full-service precious metals firm, Goldco protects individual retirement accounts for many years. In this piece, we’ll share some crucial information about Goldco so you can better assess your investment options.

Why Partner With Goldco

Here is a quick rundown of some benefits of investing in Goldco Gold IRA:

  • Tax Advantages
  • Rollover Ease
  • Financial Stability
  • Wealth Appreciation
  • Diversification

Goldco Company History / Background

Established in 2006, Goldco is a company that focuses on precious-metals Investment Retirement Accounts and 401(k) fund rollovers. Goldco offers direct sale of precious metals and the sale of Gold IRA and 401(k) investment accounts. The company has gone by various names in past years, including “Goldco Precious Metals” and “Goldco Direct.”

The Goldco company’s executives together have over a century of cumulative experience in trading precious metals. The Goldco company’s key leaders, Trevor Gerszt (founder) and Brenda Whitman (CEO), hold an excellent track record in the industry.

Trevor Gerszt was raised in South Africa, which ranked second as the biggest producer of gold in the world. Gerszt’s family was able to build a legacy by collecting precious metals and coins. He spent his childhood compiling a gold coin collection that later gave him the edge to lead Goldco Gold IRA collections. Trevor founded the firm in Woodland Hills, CA, to help possible clients collect precious metals.

On the other hand, Brenda Whitman started her career at Goldco as the IRA Services Director. Before coming to Goldco, Whitman held different positions in Capital Gold Group, where she served as a Senior Controller, IRA Services Director, and Vice President. Brenda campaigned a National Affiliate Program and taught many financial specialists about how they could preserve and protect the worth of their long-term investments, savings, and superannuation assets.

Main Features of Goldco Gold IRA

Goldco Gold IRA has managed to sustain its popularity, especially in Gold and Silver IRA investments, in the past years, because of its features. Its main ratings include:

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Better Business Bureau Complaints: 0 (in the past three years)

BCA Rating: AAA (based on strong consumer feedback about the company’s operation, efficiency, and ethical business practices)

BCA complaints: 0 (in the past three years)

TrustLink Community: 4.9/5 rating

Goldco ensures the security of its retirement accounts by rolling over its existing IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified retirement accounts to the Gold & Silver IRA. Partnering with Goldco comes with friendly customer support. Goldco provides full transparency and total accountability when it comes to the management team and business history. Goldco also offers educational materials to its clients so they can better assess their investment decisions.

Goldco provides a range of delivery options for your investments to meet your logistics needs. All packages arrive delivered in safe, discreet, and unmarked packaging. For better logistics, the firm works with various companies, the precious metals broker, the IRA financial institution/custodian, and the IRS storage facilities.

In addition, Goldco provides complete insurance coverage with all orders for the value of the material. The company will deliver orders as soon as payment has been received. The support team will also notify clients with regard to shipping and tracking details.

Products and Services

Gold Products

Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile – Investors and collectors commonly seek out this gold product across the globe. The Gold Australia Saltwater Croc comes from Australia’s The Perth Mint.

  • 99.99% pure gold in 1/4 ounce size
  • Suitable for valuable-metals IRA inclusion
  • A great alternative to U.S. currency

Lunar Dog British Gold Coin – This product ranked fifth on a list of the most in-demand golds. Like the Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile, this product is suitable for inclusion in valuable-metals IRAs.

  • Devised to .9999 gold pureness
  • Gold Bullion standard as delivered by the Royal Mint
  • Suitable for valuable-metals IRA inclusion

Silver Products

Silver Australian Saltwater Croc – The Perth Mint in Australia also produces this silver product. Like its gold counterpart, the Silver Australian Saltwater Croc is also highly in-demand across the world among investors and collectors.

  •  99.99% silver purity per 1/2 ounce
  • Suitable for valuable-metals IRAs inclusion
  • A great alternative to U.S. currency

Canadian Silver Lucky Dragon Coin – This silver product came from The Mint of Canada. Many investors and collectors seek this product worldwide, as well.

  • One ounce of .9999 pure silver
  • Suitable for valuable-metals IRAs inclusion
  • A great alternative to U.S. currency

Goldco Pricing Information

One-Time Fees

  • Set-up Fee for IRA – $50
  • Wire Fee – $30

Annual Fees

  • Maintenance Fee – $80
  • Storage Fee – $100 for non-segregated / $150 for segregated

Goldco offers regular promotions on Gold IRA accounts. Clients can anticipate a fee waiver for investments of more than $50,000 for the first year. You will also get five percent back in free metals. This deal could be very favorable to you, especially if your investment exceeds the amount stated.

Goldco Storage Options

Goldco’s storage-service providers involve the following:

  • DDSC – $100 for non-segregated storage
  • Brink’s Salt Lake City – $100 for non-segregated storage
  • IDS Texas – $150 for segregated storage

These Goldco storage providers have very sophisticated vaults and other security devices to avoid any violation of your investment. As much as you might desire to take precious-metal delivery at home, IRS requires you to store the precious metals connected to an IRA account at an authorized warehouse. Storage facilities include advanced security systems and appropriate insurance.

Goldco Minimum Investments

  • Precious-Metals IRAs– $20,000 to $25,000
  • Non-IRA Transactions– $3,500

Services (Self-Directed IRA)

From a 401(k) to a Gold IRA Rollover

Nowadays, everyone can establish individual retirement accounts and profit from the same tax benefits that traditional retirement plans provide. Goldco is providing a variety of self-directed IRAs, which means that you have absolute leverage over your money or investment decisions.

U.S. citizens can make a 401(k) rollover, allowing them to make payments with no taxes or penalties to an IRA account. The stock market uncertainty has recently caused many potential retirees to carry out an IRA gold rollover, securing their potential with gold investment stability.

The Gold IRA Rollover serves to protect your investment portfolio in three significant ways:

  • It is safe from currency devaluations
  • It protects against inflationary impact
  • It secures your retirement funds from the takeover of a government

Self-Directed Silver IRA

Silver’s industrial growth production offers an immense promise for value growth. Goldco may be on the verge of a very significant silver bull market that will help investors looking for asset growth. For this reason, investing in silver IRAs at Goldco guarantees you safety and transparency. A silver IRA is also a much more affordable choice that also has excellent growth potential.

Self-Directed Gold IRA

A self-directed gold IRA gives you the power to accumulate gains that are tax-exempt. With Goldco’s self-directed gold IRA, you can benefit from tax advantages similar to your current traditional IRA while granting you the power to own actual gold coins or bars.

What’s more, you can fund your gold IRA with your current retirement assets. If you currently have a 401(k), 403(b), TSP, IRA, or similar retirement account, you can rollover those assets into a gold IRA without tax consequences.

How to Fund / Invest at Goldco

Here are five easy ways to start with Goldco’s Precious-Metals IRAs:

  1. Choose the type of precious metal you want for your Precious-Metals IRA.
  2. Pick your funding source.
  3. Select a Custodian.
  4. Fund your Precious-Metals  IRA.
  5. Buy your own Gold (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, etc.)

Goldco’s Contact Information




What type of metals should I have with my Gold IRA?

Precious metals such as gold and silver are the most well-regarded assets as IRAs. You can also have platinum and palladium if you want to expand your portfolio.

When would I be qualified for the Gold IRA distributions?

The benefactor of the Precious-Metals IRA may begin to receive a penalty-free distribution from ther account starting at the age of 59.

Why would I need a custodian to handle precious metals in my IRA?

This rule is applicable with regard to any IRA, including precious metals. The IRS requires the custodian to manage and track assets in the IRA.

How long will it take to rollover my IRA to the Gold IRA?

You can rollover your IRA to the Gold IRA in two weeks. However, each application is different, and the approximate amount of time varies.

Are there any other provisions/penalties for moving my IRA or 401(k) to a Gold IRA?

None. IRA rollover is an easy, tax-free process without any fees or penalties if adequately handled.

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