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Patriot Gold Group Gold IRA Review

If you are looking to trade in precious metals, be wise and heed the advice of well-established investment companies. Consider a top-rated company with extensive experience in handling individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Patriot Gold Group remains the leading IRA dealer in America. This company has gained prestigious awards and five-star ratings from Consumer Affairs from 2016 to 2019. Its parent company, Halt Gold Group, holds an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Security Guarantee

The firm specializes in facilitating precious metals IRAs. It provides coordination services and storage facilities to ensure that purchasing or selling precious metals proceeds seamlessly and securely in every transaction.

The company also offers IRAs for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Note that while its services cover an extensive range of valuable metals, not all are for IRAs. Among the services are the sale of metals as bullion coins or bars as well as IRS-approved coins.

Top Ratings

Trust Pilot, a leading consumer review website, sings praises about Patriot Gold Group’s commitment to excellence. Throughout 30 successful years in the business, the company has shared its expertise in growing precious metals investments, helping clients expand their portfolios, and providing the best wealth preservation options.

Based on reviews, the Patriot Gold Group can help you navigate through the process of diversifying your assets and offer insights into the most cost-efficient and hassle-free methods. It provides direct investor pricing and does not charge purchase fees on top of your transactions. New accounts require a one-time setup fee, but you will get free storage fees for the first three years. Registration takes only a day, and you can get started as soon as you wish.

The company hosts a slew of products and services to match your needs. Below, we delve deeper into the firm’s offerings to determine which ones best suit you.

Patriot Gold Group History and Background

Patriot Gold Group is a certified Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) company established in 1990. The firm has been an active member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, a leading coin grading service.

Though the company has several branches across the country, its main headquarters rest in Los Angeles, California. Since its foundation, the Patriot Gold Group has received numerous awards and recognitions in precious-metals IRA facilitation and client management.

Led by Professionals

At the helm of the company is Chief Executive Officer Jack Hanney, one of the most distinguished names in the wealth management industry. For 20+ years, he has worked as an investment broker in the country’s most prestigious firms. Alongside the CEO are senior partners specializing in portfolio management, finance, and IRA diversification.

Your Investment Partner

Over the last 30 years, the Patriot Gold Group has built a sterling track record of providing profitable investments for clients worldwide. The company takes pride in its excellent customer service and efficient setup procedure. Its account representatives will hold your hand through the entire registration, which you may easily accomplish online or through the phone.

Once you’ve set up your account, an account manager will handle all your transactions and even provide recommendations on making worthier investments.

Not all investment companies are determined to assist you. Some merely want to share in your success. If security worries you, it pays to examine the company’s payment schemes.

Competitive Payment Schemes

The Patriot Gold Group offers competitive pricing on gold and silver. It also employs a unique setup through which you can directly work with owners, eliminating shared costs on compensations for shareholders and executives.

Patriot Gold Group Product & Services Offerings

Patriot Gold Group offers various products and services. These range from precious-metals IRA facilitation to secure storage solutions.

Upon engaging with the company, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Fast and easy gold IRA account creation within 24 hours
  • A personal, seasoned account manager to guide you through the process
  • No fees for life on gold and silver IRAs
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of free metals delivered to you
  • A direct working relationship with the firm’s partners, who will help you make informed decisions involving your investment’s growth

The company’s primary offering is its gold IRA, which most clients avail to broaden their portfolio. It’s an account where the investor handles gold bars or coins physically. These accounts enjoy all the tax deferment benefits on their profits, much like other IRAs.

Apart from gold, you can also invest in other precious metals for IRAs, like silver, platinum, and palladium.

The Internal Revenue Service requires precious metals IRA investors to delegate custodians who will manage their physical assets. Custodians and facilitators operate under the IRS’s stringent regulations on safety, bookkeeping, and factual reporting of assets. Under IRS’ guidelines, you must store gold IRAs and other precious metals in IRS-certified storage facilities.

How to Set Up a Patriot Gold Group Gold IRA

The Patriot Gold Group allows you to hold physical gold and other precious metals in either a private storage IRA or a personal cache. You may manage these assets through a tax-deferred account, for which you register through their website.

The company makes it easy to set up an IRA in three simple steps.

  1. The first is to fill out the registration form on their website. You will then receive your free gold IRA investor guide. A service representative will get in touch with you to verify some information. Within 24 hours after completing setup fees and requirements, your account will be ready.
  2. If you already own an existing retirement account, you can roll over your assets to your new gold IRA account. Patriot Gold Group will guide you through a tax-free transfer process. Otherwise, you may fund the account through cash.
  3. Once you deposit funds in your IRA account, the firm will guide you in purchasing and storing your precious metals. Following IRS guidelines, the Patriot Gold Group will transport your physical assets to the company’s secure vault for safekeeping after each successful acquisition.

Patriot Gold Group Pricing Info

Patriot Gold Group offers highly competitive pricing and a wide range of perks. It provides direct investor pricing, a payment scheme where you won’t have to pay for purchase fees.

Registration Fee

The company requires a one-time setup fee for new precious-metals IRAs with a minimum IRA amount. For investment accounts that reach a particular threshold, there are no registration fees.

If you choose to set up an IRA with the Patriot Gold Group, the company will waive your storage fees for the first three years and reimburse the rollover fee for the first year. It also offers free shipping of physical assets. Clients who invest in specific amounts can enjoy a “no-fee for-life” IRA.

Other Fees

Per-transaction fees, storage rates, and insurance depend upon your preferred custodian. Patriot Gold Group can coordinate with any custodian of your choosing, although the company has a unique partnership with Strata Trust and Equity Institutional.

Custodial fees may vary depending on the service that you are seeking. These fees range up to hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, insurance and storage fees depend upon your account balance and the service provider.

Patriot Gold Group Storage Options

As a Patriot Gold Group member, you can store precious metals in any of its numerous secure vaults across the United States. You may also keep them in a personal safe or invest them in IRAs.

Should you wish to keep some of your non-IRA physical assets at home, the company will help you set up a safe to ensure the protection of your metals.

For those considering investing metals in an IRA account, the Patriot Gold Group can guide you in creating a precious metals IRA account through its online portal.

Patriot Gold Group on Social Media

Patriot Gold Group values client satisfaction and trust above anything else. It is highly responsive and easily accessible through these social media pages below:

You may find valuable information such as economic trends, wealth management tips, and other topics of interest relating to your investment through these channels.


What are the forms of precious metals accepted in the IRA?

Precious metals in the form of bars are valid for IRAs. Conversely, not all IRAs accept coins. Patriot Gold Group sells precious metals in the form of bars and coins that are compliant with IRS guidelines for all investment accounts.

Will storing precious metals in my home get me into trouble?

As per IRS guidelines, you should not store precious metals IRAs in your home or personal safety boxes. All physical IRA assets must go through accredited banks or trustees who adhere to set regulations.

This examination limits customers’ access to precious metals. IRS sets these parameters to ensure the security of investors’ assets. It will also allow the governing body to guarantee that all deposits and withdrawals from your account are legal.

If your precious metals are non-IRA, you are free to keep them in your home.

Can the company forecast the exact value of my investments?

Since the numbers are dependent on economic trends and market influences, you can’t always guarantee the future value of any investment. Venturing into precious metals entails thoughtful consideration and serious time commitment, similar to other IRA investments.

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