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Rosland Capital Gold IRA Review

If you’re looking to bring a bit more stability to your investment portfolio, you might want to consider a gold IRA.

Rosland Capital can help. The company helps customers invest in all sorts of precious metals, including silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. They also have a deep knowledge base regarding how to make your money go the furthest with your investment. They specialize in coins and bars as well as metal-backed IRAs for your portfolio.

The company’s slogan is “No Gimmicks,” which comes through in their web presence. Rosland Capital is known for a user-friendly interface that helps customers navigate their holdings and easily make purchases.

Rosland Capital also boasts an expert economist as part of their staff. Jeffrey Nichols advises both the company and its patrons, and works on the official newsletter to extend educational materials to your inbox.

Rosland Capital has unfortunately attracted a few negative reviews. The company has received 30 Better Business Bureau complaints in the last three years and resolved 12 in the last year. Most of the complaints pertain to the pricing, refunds, and delivery of precious metals.

That said, Rosland Capital still holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Trustlink has given the company four out of five stars, with 19 complaints filed against them.

History and Background

Rosland Capital was founded in 2008 by Marin Aleksov, who has more than two decades of experience working in the precious metals industry.

Although the company serves customers worldwide, it is headquartered in Los Angeles,. They have additional international outposts in London, Hong Kong, Munich, and Sweden.

Rosland Capital’s specialty is investing in precious metals, which have less volatility in the market than paper-based commodities.

Rosland Capital values high-quality customer service and hopes to help inform and bolster confidence in your investment choices. They aim to better educate you about the value and benefits of buying precious metals for your Rosland Capital gold IRA.

Product and Services Offerings

Rosland Capital offers an array of options for those looking to invest. They can help customers buy their first gold or silver bar, purchase precious coins, or buy other forms of precious metals.

One of Rosland Capital’s most prominent services is instructing and helping customers purchase gold IRAs for their portfolios. Many of the positive Rosland Capital reviews cite the representatives’ desire to go above and beyond and ensure the client understands the recommendations.

The products available to Rosland Capital customers include:

  • Gold bars
  • Silver and gold coins
  • Historic coins and other numismatic collectibles
  • Self-directed IRAs backed with gold and other metals

What is a Gold IRA?

An increasingly popular option in the modern investment portfolio, gold IRAs enable you to add precious metals to your retirement plans. Though they’re called “gold IRAs,” they could also include silver, palladium, platinum, as well as many forms of gold such as coins or bars.

Gold IRAs have been gaining traction because of their insulation from the volatility of the market. As the global economy jumps up and down through the years, precious metal IRAs — in particular gold and silver — can hold their value more steadily.

Benefits include:

  • Insulation: When you invest in gold, you don’t have to worry about the same unpredictability issues that even the safest mutual funds do, like the decline of the U.S. dollar or the stock market taking a major tumble. While paper-heavy portfolios would be worth a lot less in retirement in those cases, gold’s value stays relatively the same throughout decades or even centuries.
  • Tax Benefits: Precious metal IRAs enjoy the same tax benefits that a traditional IRA does. The difference is, they have the insulation and other positives that come with rounding out a portfolio with precious metals.
  • Diversification: No matter how big your investment portfolio, your retirement savings should be diversified. Gold IRAs are just another way of expanding the breadth of your holdings and keeping your assets broad.
  • Simplicity: Companies like Rosland Capital can help you roll over your existing IRA into a gold IRA.

Pricing and Minimum Purchase Info

To set up your Rosland Capital gold IRA, there will be a $50 fee. Although annual storage fees are not disclosed, annual administration fees will cost you $225 at Rosland Capital.

The minimum purchase you can make with a Rosland Capital gold IRA is $10,000.

Storage Options

It is up to each gold investor how they want to store their assets. Rosland Capital is here to help you be informed, and choose the opportunity that most closely aligns with your needs.

Unlike other companies, Rosland Capital does not offer segregated storage. When you invest with a Rosland Capital gold IRA, your gold will be placed in storage shared with other Rosland investors.

Social Media

You can find out more about Rosland Capital on their FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.


What determines the price of gold?

Gold’s value is determined by the supply and demand, or how much gold is currently being created and sought. Over the years, many factors have influenced how much gold is “worth.” Global inflation and market performance can impact the price of gold.

The price of gold will also vary based on how much and what type you are buying. Certain gold coins, for instance, will be worth more based on other factors, like their historical value or condition.

You can check the current price of gold overall on the Rosland Capital site, which tracks gold prices across time.

Can my IRA contain other metals?

Yes. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the primary precious metals you can purchase for a portfolio.

Can a gold IRA earn interest?

No. The gold in your IRA is tied to the actual value of the commodity you’ve invested in.

That means that although you can sell the gold for more than you paid for it, it will not sit and accrue interest in a linear way through the years the way other savings accounts would.

How can I convert my IRA or 401(k) into a gold IRA?

There are ways to convert your savings into a gold IRA, but they’ll require the help of an independent third party. You can either buy physical gold and put it into your IRA or rollover your existing IRA into gold investments.

Rosland Capital gold IRAs can help those interested in transferring their IRA. Their services include having a representative work with you to figure out your options and which coins qualify for inclusion in your gold IRA. They can then shift your IRA holdings, and hold your precious metal in their secure, separate storage.

What type of gold is best for my investment portfolio?

This will depend on your capital and financial goals. For instance, if you’re looking for a small-scale but tangible purchase, then gold bars can be an excellent investment to balance your retirement portfolio. Gold bullion (or gold in bulk, measured by weight) can be a better long-term strategy, and they can help diversify your investment opportunities while limiting risks.

To figure out what is right for you and your investment strategy, it’s best to speak with a professional.

How much of my portfolio should be gold?

Just like any mutual fund, your money shouldn’t all be in one place. Diversification is key, and gold IRAs are no different.

Most representatives recommend somewhere between 5% and 15% of portfolios should be gold. Depending on your circumstances, your number could fall within (or even, potentially, outside) of that. Speaking with an expert will help you pin down what the optimum percentage is for you and your wallet.

How do I protect my investment in gold?

Nothing can help you more in the world of investments than researching. Stay informed before you purchase anything, and investigate any companies, buyers, or sellers you plan to work with before you put any money on the line.

Additionally, it helps to clearly understand all the fees and commissions that will come up when purchasing gold. Gold IRAs can involve passing your investments through the hands of many custodians and middlemen, and those additional costs can eat away at your budget.

Closing Thoughts

Gold can be a real boon to a retirement portfolio. With thousands of years of evidence, we can see that gold will certainly always have value. By diversifying your investments with a safe-haven commodity like gold, you can help build a balanced strategy to keep your expenditures low and your returns high.

The best way to do that is to enlist the help of a specialist. Each company comes with its own fee structure and policies, which can be confusing to navigate for a non-professional.

We can help you figure out what makes the best sense for your portfolio and your lifestyle needs. Reach out today and get in touch with our expert staff, who are ready to assist you whatever your gold IRA needs may be.

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